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Keyhole Lavender 3D Printed Yarn Bowl

Keyhole Lavender 3D Printed Yarn Bowl

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We all know how frustrating it is to be knitting or crocheting when your ball of yarn rolls away. A yarn bowl is the perfect way to stop that happening! 
This yarn bowl is keyhole style so better for single colour projects as there is no way to remove the yarn without cutting once you’ve started crocheting or knitting. 
I like to use mine for single skeins of hand dyed yarn. 

This yarn bowl is 3D printed to a high standard and is sanded to ensure it’s smooth.  It has rubber feet for extra grip on smooth surfaces and will comfortably hold 100g of yarn. 

This yarn bowl measures 16cm across and the walls are 8cm high. The pretty geometric shape gives this bowl a modern look and it looks great as a yarn storage bowl as well as being functional. 

This pattern is remixed from the original by DrKronos, thank you! 


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