About us

Six crochet hooks with mint green base and a beige pumpkin design with floral details. They are resting on a small crochet granny square bag

Hello and welcome to Pedro's Plaques & Pretty Things, the home of beautiful, handmade crochet hooks and notions. 

Polymer clay is my passion and each item is hand shaped by me to make the most beautiful crochet hooks you could ever want or need.  Not only do the look great, they are fully functional and comfortable to use too! All of my colours are hand mixed in small batches which means each item is completely unique. 

To keep up with demand my current processing time is 4 weeks. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering a gift or something for a special project.

See what I'm making from day to day by following my Instagram feed. Just search for @pedrosplaques and don't forget to say hello, I love to see my hooks and notions pop up in your photos!